Think bigger.

Our capabilities, scale, and financial resources are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our suppliers and customers. Our experienced, dedicated, and skilled team of professionals can craft and execute financial and supply chain strategies that equate to superior results. No matter where you do business, we have the resources to better serve your needs.

Get paid fast and on-time… Finance longer.

For Canusa Hershman customers, our financial strength translates into flexible financing options. We can offer extended payment terms, or accept a letter of credit, from just about anywhere in the world.

For our suppliers, financial strength equates to speed and reliability. We deliver quicker payment for their materials, time after time. We’ve built our business on the ability to pay our bills on-time, every time. This foundation of trust and dependability is why so many consistently choose to do business with CH.

Take the risk out of doing business.

Canusa Hershman has decades of experience in international trade and managing the inherent risks that come along with it. Our access to trade credit insurance and other risk mitigation tools provide the ability to insulate our suppliers from those financial risks so they can focus on their core business.

We’re fluent in world currencies.

Our reach to markets across the globe enables us to accommodate a wide range of local currencies. It also keeps us up-to-the-minute on prevailing exchange rates to help our customers manage those risks.

Navigating the supply chain.

Canusa Hershman’s scale has given us the ability to cultivate close relationships with major shipping lines, forwarding companies, haulers, and warehouses. These partnerships combined with a staff of some of the best logistics professionals in the industry, complement our deep product knowledge, resulting in creative transportation solutions at competitive costs.

Recycling Equipment Financing & Expertise.

Our experience in successfully operating recycling facilities provides the expertise to help you select the right equipment. Our financial resources provide the ability to finance it. Whether you’re looking for a simple baler or a more sophisticated processing system, we can work with you to craft the right solution for your business.

We invest in the success of our customers.

We know that, ultimately, our success depends on the success of our suppliers and customers. This is why we build mutually beneficial partnerships, backed with deep financial insight and capabilities. We embrace the opportunity to craft financial solutions to meet the unique needs of our suppliers and customers, including trade finance, project finance, and equity finance.

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